About BIS

Buddha International School is a full-fledged education hub for your ward. We are a Cbse school with regular e-assessment. We have secured and safe environment under 24 hrs CCTV surveillance. Our principal and administrators are having an open-door policy so that visitors and enquirers can come forward with questions and concerns as they arise. We are technologically updated.

When technology changes, it impacts the kinds of things we want and need. Updates to technology change what we desire; as we desire new things, technology changes to seek to provide them. The same goes for–or should go for–education. We consider ideas in progressive education. Design thinking, collaboration, creativity, and on a larger scale, digital literacy, and more are skills and content bits that every student would benefit from exposure to and mastery of. As these force their way into schools and classrooms and assignments and the design thinking of teachers, this is at the cost of ‘the way things were.’

We prepare students socially, spiritually and academically. The school is striving to introduce various ways to make learning effective and enjoyable experience for students. The school boasts of SMART Classrooms which are fully multimedia enabled audio-visual classrooms.

The smart classrooms have computers, projectors, internet connectivity and other multimedia devices which are pedagogically sound and comprise visually rich curriculum resources.

Computer Labs, libraries, art rooms, conference halls and auditoriums separately for each building. The school clinics meet the urgent medical needs of the students and are headed by qualified medical staff.

The buildings have plush lawns and green areas. The different wings have designated grounds and courts for cricket, football, lawn tennis, basketball, badminton etc. The indoor sports areas for table tennis and shooting add to is grandeur. The canteen facilities are provided to the students ensuring proper hygiene and food quality check.