Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The vision of Buddha International School is to provide an environment where students, parents and faculty feel welcome, safe and successful. Students participate in a children-centred, experiential-based program that addresses unique learning styles. Faculty receives continuous staff development promoting effective teaching strategies and a challenging curriculum that addresses the individual potential of each student. Parents are supportive and actively involved. Diversity is fostered by respect and collaboration among all shareholders. Communication is evidenced by meaningful, data-driven, parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, feedback and input from all the parents and teachers.


  •  The mission of Buddha International School is that everyone learns everyday.
  •  To ensure a positive and productive, physical and cultural environment. Maintain a comprehensive plan that ensures a safe, functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing campus.
  •  To advance excellence in teaching. Increase the variety, flexibility and quality of educational practices, by providing differentiated instruction and using researched-based teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners.
  •  Support the professional learning community by increasing the educational development opportunities that are used on priority needs of students and relevancy to teaching and support staff.
  •  Maintain a systematic and continuous assessment program for every student.
  •  Provide and enhance opportunities for all students using student centred learning.
  •  All students will produce, in conjunction with parents and teachers, a personal plan for progress that will be reviewed regularly to ensure student growth. Expand school-wide technology opportunities for every student. To effectively enhance communication to excel in the collaborative process.
  •  Identify an enhance opportunities for the consistent use of the collaborative process involving parents and community members.