After School Program


No Tuition- Homework Help

Homework help from an after school program can reduce battles at home.

Sports Coaching & Personalized Training

Not only are supervised children generally more likely to be active and make better nutritional choices, some programs are specifically geared toward physical fitness.

Provide safety and Supervision

Sadly, kids with learning and thinking difference are more likely to be victimized or to engage in risky behavior Research shows that the hours between 3 and 6 pm are when kids are most likely to commit crimes, drinks or use drugs or become the victims of crime. But keeping kids busy can prevent them from engaging in risky behavior.

Improve Social Skills

A good program promotes cooperation, support and respect. This can help kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. And if they slip up, a sympathetic staffer should be on hand to remind them to take turns or stop interrupting.

Competitive Classes of Science & Math

We serve you with the best classes for foundational courses in competitive exams. It will be a two -way preparation. We have combined IIT and JEE classes for students above class V. The School students are going to appear for school tests in classes conducted for the same. We sharpened their preparation for all the competitive exams with scientifically designed Courses.