Code Of Conduct


The objective of this code is to ensure that the school is a safe place where students learn good habits, self-discipline, and consideration for others that ultimately lead to a better future.
The school has various rules and regulations and students are required to strictly adhere to the code of conduct. Any non-compliance with the school rules shall lead to the dismissal from the school.

Rights and Responsibilities

Principals and staff have a responsibility to implement the Code of Conduct fairly, reasonably and, consistently.

Teachers have a right to

  •  Expect the cooperation of students.
  •  Expect that they will be able to teach in an orderly and co-operative environment.
  •  Expect the support of other staff and the administration in fulfilling their professional duties.
  •  Maintain flexibility in their approach to classroom procedures and organisation within the framework of school policy.

Teachers have a responsibility to

  •  Treat students fairly and consistently.
  •  Provide an appropriate range of learning strategies.
  •  Undertake the counselling of students and pastoral role when appropriate.
  •  Develop in students an awareness and understanding of school rules.
  • Follow the agreed policies and procedures of the school regarding student management.
  • Communicate with parents and guardians on matters relating to the educational development and behaviour of their children.
  • Students will not use foul or offensive language.
  • Students will not deface or damage school property. In case of any damage to the school property, the student should immediately report to the head mistress.
  • Students are not allowed to defecate in or outside the school premises.
  • Students will not miss classes while in school and will not leave the school campus during school hours without prior permission of the Principal/Headmistress.
  • If any student is caught bullying or in any aggressive or violent activity, it will be taken as grave misconduct and the school will take strict disciplinary action if required.
  • Students are required to be sensitive to their fellow students and be considerate towards the differences among themselves due to physical, cultural, and economic considerations.
  • Students should be environment-friendly and should develop love for nature.
  • Students should strictly adhere to school timings. In case, they are late, they will not be allowed in the school after the commencement of school time.
  • Students should wear proper uniform. Proper length of skirts and shorts must be adhered to.
  • Students are required to wear black shoes along with the proper school uniform.
  • Boys should have short groomed haircut.
  • Girls with long hair should have it tied. Only blue or black hair clips / hair bands must be worn.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the school premise. Students who carry the mobile phone for certain reasons should give explanation to the class teacher. Special arrangements will be made to deposit the phone at the school office during school hours, in case, the class teacher finds the reason valid.
  • In order to attend the examination, students must have a minimum attendance of 75% during the academic year.
  • A valid application, signed by the guardian/parents, will be presented to the class teacher if the student takes a leave.
  • Violence, bullying, verbal intimidation and offensive behaviour are not acceptable, and students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with safety.